Magnetic Resonance Imaging

EFW Radiology offers Calgary MRI services. 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) can detect abnormalities or diseases by producing detailed anatomical images. An MRI can scan various areas of the body, including the brain, spine, chest, abdomen, pelvis, and joints.

Each MRI is interpreted by an EFW radiologist with special training and expertise. The resulting reports provide important information that will help with diagnosis and treatment.

At EFW Radiology we believe in making medically appropriate MRI more accessible to help patients and doctors find the answers to a medical issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why Choose EFW ?

    EFW Radiologists are imaging specialists, each with a dedicated focus and extra training related to a particular body part or system. This is often called fellowship training and can range from one to three years above and beyond the training to be a Radiologist.  These subspecialties include Neuroradiology, Abdominal, Pelvic and Chest Imaging, Breast Imaging, Musculoskeletal Imaging, and Vascular Imaging.

    Patients can be confident that they will have the right EFW Radiologist planning and reading their MRI.  Our technologists will treat you with care ensuring that you feel comfortable and informed during your exam, while making sure the best possible quality exam is obtained.  

  • Why do I have more than one appointment booked for my MRI?

    Answering multiple medical questions is complex and requires lengthier exam times which can often be difficult for the patient to remain still and comfortable.  Sometimes multi-day appointments are needed when contrast is required for multiple areas of the body.  When appropriate we bring patients back for a second visit to obtain the imaging needed to answer the medical questions.  This will not increase the total cost of the exams. 

  • Why am I having contrast and being charged for it?

    Depending on what your referring Physician is looking for, contrast may be required to highlight certain structures within your body.  The MRI Technologist will ensure all of your questions are answered prior to receiving the injection into your vein or into a joint. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding this must be discussed as there are limitations and safety that must be considered. 

    We only use contrast agents when we believe it is required to answer your doctor’s question. The related $250 fee is for the medical supplies and expertise required to administer it.

  • May I have as many MRIs as I want?

    MRI is accepted as very safe but is performed to only to help your healthcare team answer a question or to provide information needed in deciding what treatment is best for you.  Medical exams should only be used when considered appropriate to answer a clinical question and are medically indicated. We require an exam to be requested from an appropriate regulated healthcare provider. EFW does not perform comprehensive MRI body screening.

  • How do I prepare for an MRI exam? 

    Most MRI exams require no special preparation. You can eat, drink and take medications as usual.  Some exams will require special preparations that will be fully explained to you at the time you arrange your exam. 

    You won’t be allowed to wear anything metallic during the MRI examination, so it would be best to leave watches, jewelry or anything made from metal at home. Even some cosmetics contain small amounts of metals, so it is best to not wear make-up.

  • Why do I need contrast?

    Depending on your healthcare provider’s questions or concerns, contrast may be required to complete the exam and provide the information required.  The MRI Technologist will ensure all of your questions are answered prior to having you consent to the injection into your vein or into a joint. 

    We only use contrast agents when we believe it is required to answer your doctor’s question. The related $250 fee is for the cost of the contrast, medical supplies and the additional time and images required.

  • How do I book an MRI?

    After obtaining a requisition from your physician, you can call our MRI booking team at 403-244-3700 or request an appointment here.

    Our dedicated MRI staff will help by asking you screening questions, ensure you are provided information regarding the appointment and any preparation for your exam. You are welcome to ask questions of our staff.  Our MRI Team work closely with our doctors and are experienced providers of imaging care.

    Our MRI staff will assist in coordinating any accompanying x-rays if needed.

  • What if I have Claustrophobia and Discomfort?

    Options to help manage claustrophobia or possible discomfort can be discussed with you at the time of booking and prior to the exam.

    The MRI Technologists are available to you during the exam and will assist as needed. 

  • Can the price change?

    EFW performs only clinically warranted MRI and our Staff and Physicians will design the best exam to answer your healthcare team’s questions. The cost and nature of the exam will be fully shared with you prior to the exam being completed. 

  • What is the MRI examination like?

    The MRI examination is performed in a special room to safely manage the magnetic field. You will be escorted into the room by a staff member and asked to lie down on a padded table that positions you within the scanner.

    During the MRI examination, you may be required to wear earplugs or headphones to protect your hearing because, as MRI scanners operate, they produce loud noises. These sounds are normal and are not cause for concern.

    The most important thing for the patient to do is to relax and lie still. Most MRI exams take between 15 to 45 minutes to complete depending on the body part imaged and how many images are needed, although some may take up to 60-minutes or longer. You’ll be told ahead of time just how long your scan is expected to take.

    For some MRI studies, a contrast agent may need to be injected into a vein or joint to ensure all needed information is obtained of the region being examined. For joint exams contrast will be injected in a separate procedure room prior to the MRI exam. Otherwise, this is typically done through a small needle connected to an intravenous line that is placed in your arm or in a hand vein. Unlike contrast agents used in x-ray studies, MRI contrast agents do not contain iodine and rarely cause allergic reactions or other problems.

    You will be asked to remain still during the time the imaging takes place, but between sequences some minor movement may be allowed. The MRI Technologist will advise you, accordingly.

    When the MRI procedure begins, you may breathe normally, however, for certain examinations it may be necessary for you to hold your breath for a short period of time.

    During your MRI examination, the technologist will be able to speak to you, hear you, and observe you at all times. 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Services in Calgary

MRI Pricing

September 1st, 2020

1st Medical Question - first body area: $675
Each additional body area: $350
If contrast is needed: additional $250

MRI Pricing
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