EFW Radiology is monitoring the current COVID-19 Situation closely, taking all recommended precautions, ensuring all patients and staff risk are kept to an absolute minimum.

MARCH 30, 2020

To do our best to keep the risk of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) low, if you have you travelled outside Canada returning on or after March 12 or if you have flu-like symptoms (self-reported or documented fever, cough, sore throat, trouble breathing, additional respiratory symptoms, myalgia, fatigue or diarrhea) please visit Alberta Health Services website for more information and guidance from Alberta Health Services 


In Alberta, we will be following the guidance of the Canadian Association of Radiologists and rebooking appointments for automatic whole breast ultrasound, bone mineral densitometry (BMD), and screening mammography exams. These exams help look for potential health concerns, and as such can be delayed. We will rebook your appointment for a later date.

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EFW is working hard to protect the safety of our patients and staff. To ensure social distancing we ask that only the patient attend the appointment. Only the patient will be allowed into the exam room.

There are two (2) exceptions to this:

  1. If the patient is a minor they may be accompanied by a legal guardian.
  2. If you have mobility issues your attendant will be allowed to accompany you.

We ask for your understanding as we try and control the number of people within our clinics.

If a driver is required for your exam, that person will need to stay outside of the clinic to wait for you.    


To see if you need COVID-19 testing, Alberta Health recommendations advise that you first use their self-assessment tools, before contacting their health lines.

Further information is available on the following websites: